I took the leap

The thought of becoming a business owner exuded fear in myself that I never knew I had. Living in a year like 2020 gave me an excuse to back out before I could even get started. I spent a year looking at salon locations, and though I had many offers, nothing ever felt right. 

Though, unhappy at my prior position, I continued to stay because it was an easy decision. Better yet, it kept me from having to actually make a decision, and that was the easy part. 

When the world shut down in March, it opened my eyes to a life I had never thought of for myself. There I was home everyday with my family, cooking, cleaning, and loving every moment of it. The thought of going back to work LITERALLY made me queezy. At first glance, I blamed it on the uncertainty of becoming sick, or getting my children sick. Don’t get me wrong, I was worried, but I became more anxious of being stuck at a job I didn’t like.

Without a plan, I told my boss, I had made a definite decision to leave, and even gave her a date. I was so unsure of what I had done, and began to constantly pray for God to show me if I was making the wrong decision. Blessings began to pour! Financially, I was in a place, I’d never been, and career offers were popping up like nobodies business. It was almost to good to be true.

Though thankful, I still couldn’t get myself to commit to any decision, too afraid to make the wrong one. I couldn’t have been slapped harder with the opportunities I received, and after annoying my husband with all the things that could go wrong, I had a YOLO moment, and I just did it.

The process, and what came with it, is for another blog. I’m just here to tell you that God will order your steps in ways you can’t see coming. Trust in him.

I thank God everyday I did.

Be blessed.


The Artistry Pro

3 Replies to “I took the leap”

  1. Darian Hill says:

    Beautiful story! Very inspirational

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ashley Hill says:

    Thank you! πŸ–€


  3. Qui says:

    I love love love this! So many of us are afraid to step out on faith. You’re inspiration to us all!

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